If you want to party with your jelly-rolling friends and you’re trying to find a participating shop… how about using the Store Locator on this website?

There are several shops in the Dallas-area with National Sew A Jelly Roll Day events!  Just type in your Zip Code and set your Search radius.

50 km?  That’s about 31 miles.  (Yes, I had to look it up.)

That’s about 38 Jelly Rolls in length.  (Yes, I had to get out my calculator.)

So check the Store Locator and see what kind of fun is being planned for National Sew A Jelly Roll Day this Saturday – September 15.

2 thoughts on “Find an event!

  1. Is there someplace where people are posting their projects from today? I think this is such a neat idea! Thanks for hosting it! Next year, too? Yep… I like to plan ahead… LOL! This year I just found out earlier in the week but I still managed to turn out a lap quilt’s worth of “Magnetized” blocks for a QOV!

    1. Hi Rebecca – Folks are sharing their projects on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag – #projectjellyroll.

      We’re already making plans for next year – September 21, 2019!

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