Which came first – Project Jelly Roll or National Sew A Jelly Roll Day?

Both!  While trying to think of how to celebrate the invention of the Jelly Roll, we decided that the best way to celebrate any birthday is with a big, fun-filled party.  The invitation – that’s the Project Jelly Roll part of it, and the party itself – that’s National Sew A Jelly Roll Day.

The most important place to start is when – September 16, 2017.  The third Saturday in September.  Why September?  The first Jelly Roll arrived at Moda in September, 2006 in anticipation of Fall Market.  This is going to be an annual party so we picked the third Saturday instead of a specific day.

Project Jelly Roll is about everything related to the big day.  It’s where you can find your invite to the party, the dress code and everything you might want or need to know about celebrating with us and Jelly Rolls.


How to participate… That’s the easiest part of all – you just have to take one Moda Jelly Roll and make something with it.  You can make anything you want, and we’ll be here to help with ideas, tips and inspiration.  You can celebrate on your own or with a group of your best quilty-friends.  If you’re in a Quilt Guild or have a favorite quilt shop, there might already be a celebration planned.  If there isn’t, they might just need someone to step in to organize it.

40 thoughts on “Let’s get rolling!

    1. Anyone in any country is eligible to participate in National Sew A Jelly Roll Day. We want this to be a Nationwide event in EVERY Country. 😉

  1. I can’t wait until September! Now you know one of my fears…I have many cute Jelly Rolls, and lots of books with Jelly Roll projects in them, but have NEVER actually undone even one of my Jelly Rolls. They are really cute.

  2. Great idea and something to look forward to! I have quite a few of those rolls laying around waiting to be made into something!

  3. I need Jelly Roll Opening therapy for me to even take the moda tape off. Maybe a video posted to show the steps necessary to untying the tape much like videos online of children pulling a tooth with a string. If I cannot open the roll I cannot make anything. I may need to buy a new roll just to use for this day!

  4. I love Jelly Rolls! I make table runners and small quilts. A Jelly Roll of 42 strips is enough fabric for two table runners. I cannot wait until the fall and winter fabrics start appearing at my neighborhood craft Store!

  5. Yay! I have a few of these all rolled up and ready for some activity! Now….let’s get rolling!

  6. don’t really know what to make but I am sure something will click in my brain once I review the multiple books I have collected over the years. Hope I figure out how to download a photo on this computer so i can send a photo:)

  7. My small group of the Garland Quilt Guild in Garland, Texas are interested in participating. We meet on the third Saturday of the month at Pieced Together quilt store in Mesquite, Texas.

  8. Sounds like a great and fun idea!! I love jelly rolls! I have two sitting on my shelf now and will probably have more by Sept. Thanks, Liz

  9. OMG what fun !!! I think that a day of fun is definitely is in order !!! Project Jelly Roll is on !!! September 16, 2017 will live in infamy 🙂 @tillieandola

  10. Even though I have quite a few of these wonderful, tempting, and darling Jelly Rolls (unopened of course), I think I’ll have to start stocking up. I look at it like having to buy a little black dress for an upcoming event, even though I already have a collection hanging in my closet. And, a pair of cute heels to go with it…must have a new pair of shoes, right?

    1. Karee! Of course not – you can use as many as you like. We’d love it if you used twenty! 😉

  11. I made a beautiful quilt out of a jelly roll last month. I have a couple more jelly rolls just waiting for some inspiration. They are the perfect project waiting to happen. I love the matching colors and no cutting!

  12. Oh boy, was going through my stash and FOUND 2 jelly rolls…I can’t wait to make something on Sept 16th!!

  13. My quilt guild is doing a jelly roll swap next week to make children’s quilts to donate.

  14. I have never seen so many beautiful jelly rolls. I need to buy one and then pick out a pattern to use. I have never made a jelly roll pattern.

  15. I find it amusing that so many folks say they have Jelly Rolls and have never used them. Like having Donuts and letting them sit on the shelf. The Jelly Roll is so useful and such a wonderful way to get all of the fabrics in a collection. Cannot imagine just admiring them on the shelf. I bought my first one when they were in tins. Love tins but quickly found the marvel of the Jelly Roll its self. Will be joining the Celebration. And thanks to the inventor!

  16. I bought a pattern for a tote at a quilt show , I think this is the day to start it! Thanks for the info!!

  17. I think I have about 20 Jelly Rolls just waiting for me to find a great pattern to use them in. I’m working on it. They are so great the pattern has to be the right one. I know its seems to be so hard for a lot of people like me to tear that plastic off and remove the ribbon and get cutting. But I will. I have made several quilts with Jelly Rolls and I love the multiple patterns and how they are all picked out and coordinated for me.

  18. It’s 6:55am in Newfoundland. I’m going to do it…open the jelly roll. Wait! Let me put a fresh blade in my rotary cutter first.

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