Whew!  What a weekend!

These were some of the ladies at Not Your Mama’s Quilt Store in McKinney, Texas.  That’s Miss Tatum in the upper-left – we think she’s adorable.

Thank you!  That’s the first best place to start.  Thank.  YOU.

If you went to their favorite quilt shop to sew, visit and/or shop – thank you!  If you’re a shop owner and you held a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day event for your best friends – thank you!  If you sewed along with us – with friends, your guild, with beloved critters and family or by your-lovely-self – thank you.  We love you!

But we have to ask… did you do it?  Did you rip the plastic off and quickly unroll a new, un-opened Jelly Roll?

A few of you said you would… but did you actually do it?  (We know how hard it is so… we’re not judging.  I promise!)

Did you start a new project?  Book or pattern?  Did you race?



More importantly, did you finish what you started?

We’re asking because we want you to finish so… we’re having a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day UFO Contest!

To enter, post a picture to Instagram or Facebook with both of these hashtags – #projectjellyroll and #projectjellyrollUFO

There are two parts to enter –

  • First, post by Midnight, October 1st with your current status.  Start your post/comment with UFO Status.
  • Second, post your finished quilt top by Midnight, October 22nd.  Yes, quilt tops will suffice.  Start your post/comment with UFO Finish.
  • And… there’s one more option!  If you finished your quilt top this past weekend, finish it with quilting and binding to entry.  Start that post/comment with UFO Final!
    • And if you’re still a WIP and finish your quilt top, and get it quilted and bound by the 22nd, post a picture for an extra entry.

I know… there are a lot of steps but we really want you to finish your Jelly Roll quilt.  Why?  Because finishes are fun!  And so we can send you something new to sew – a new Jelly Roll.  (And probably another goodie or two… just saying.)

Two winners will be chosen at random from the pool of entries marked Finish and Final – two on Facebook and two on Instagram.

Are you in?

In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy… “Git ‘er done!”

Happy Thursday!